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Our Cars

1930’s Style Badsworth and Bramwith –
(Tink & Cinders)

The oldest style in the fleet takes you back to the tradition of the 1930’s, part of a champagne family. ‘Tinkerbell’ and ‘Cinderella’ pair beautifully together. ‘Tink’ is a 3 seater and is perfect as your Bridal Car, as ‘Cinders’ is the bigger sister of the trio and is perfect for the bridesmaids as she seats 7 passengers.
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1930’s Style Badsworths – (Tinkerbell & Tiana)

These twins seat 3 passengers. They are perfect as your Bridal Car and provide a spectacular effect of vintage style in comfort.
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1930’s Style Badsworth 7 seater – (Cinderella)

The bigger sister of the trio is perfect for allowing more passengers (7), she pairs beautifully with Tinkerbell or Tiana

Mercedes Benz 500 S Class

Perfect for a modernised addition of practicality on your day, suitable for groomsmen and such. Also part of a champagne family.
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Viscount 3 Landaulet –  (Bertie)

Our bespoke Viscount 3 finished in Champagne & Oyster Gold bodywork with cream leather interior, having a capacity to seat 7 people he completes our Vintage Gold Collection to perfection
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1956 Bentley S1 – (Grace)

One of the newer additions to the family is ‘Grace’, a car which truly reflects it’s name due to the beauty and style this historic car flaunts.
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1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II in Porcelain White – (Brigitte)

This beautiful iconic classic is our latest addition to the family. She is finished in Porcelain White with cream leather interior with blue piping and new refurbished veneer woodwork.

1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III in Marble White –  (Diana)

‘Diana’ is one of the last of her kind, as this beautiful vehicle was discontinued in 1965. ‘Diana’ offers an almost royal image from her pure class. – This elegant lady is currently in our workshops having a full restoration.
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1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II in Marble White – (Fanny)

This 1979 award winning classic offers the traditional style of the Rolls Royce family, a true example of quality and style.
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1953 Daimler DB18 – (Mary)

A particular favourite of Sir Winston Churchill as well as our family; ‘Mary’ is a petite yet stunning vehicle and she especially reflects the splendour of the past.
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Daimler DS420 landaulet in Marble White – (Lily)

These beautiful vehicles were the top choice of royals and heads of state, ‘Lily’ offers seating for 7 passengers with luxury and comfort. With a added landaulet roof.
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Daimler DS420 Landaulet – The Unique Confetti Car – (Dolly)

Similar of course to ‘Lily’ is ‘Dolly, a car which has its own unique touch of confetti cannons! This special addition can’t be found anywhere else and emphasises individuality. – Our environmentally friendly Unique Confetti Car will add that something special to any wedding as it showers a stunning, colourful array of angels, rose petals and doves.

Daimler Maid’s Car (7 Seater) in Marble White – (Leonard)

Fit for more passengers as a 7 seater vehicle, ‘Leonard’ is a symbol of style in the practicality. A perfect partner to our other vehicles to carry your bridesmaids.

‘Baby Bentley’ Chrysler 300C

Commonly known as the ‘Baby Bentley’ and is already becoming an icon classic. This vehicle comes with a special 22 inch alloys. Never fails to draw the ‘wow’ factor.
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‘Baby Bentley’ Chrysler 300C SRT Sport

The symbol of modern elegance are suitable for any wedding.
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Daimler Maid’s Car (7 Seater) in Silver – (Lionel)

Similar to ‘Leonard’, yet this specific car was formerly in service to the Lord Mayor of Leeds. He comfortably carries 7 bridesmaids and is perfect to pair with one of our ‘Baby Bentleys’.
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Mercedes 350 Limousine S Class Executive AMG spec.

This Mercedes S Class is the flagship of Mercedes Benz for its comfort and executive quality. Ideal for weddings and VIP transfers.

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Mercedes Viano Ambiente (7 Seater) Executive, extra long.

Our luxurious fully loaded people carrier seats 7 passengers. With full leather interior, climate control in the rear and extra long wheel base it is an integral part of our silver Mercedes fleet and blends in perfectly with our S class chauffeur cars.
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1937 Daimler Lanchester E20 Tickford Cabriolet – (Gloria)

This prestigious award winning car was coach worked by Salmon & Sons, built for the company secretary Mr John Anderson of Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey, in Perthshire and is the only one of its kind world wide. With her paintwork being Royal Blue & Mason’s Black she is the only darker coloured car on our fleet giving complete originality.
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